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Impact Divers are a team of passionate ocean lovers and dive experts based in Simons Town, Cape Town. Situated in the picturesque Simon’s Town, False Bay; surrounded by stunning mountains and beautiful beaches just 40 km from Cape Town’s city centre. Simons Town is well known as the gateway to the incredible marine biodiversity of False Bay and the world renowned Great African Sea Forests, now recognized as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.


Scuba diving, free diving and snorkelling trips.


Full range of SSI dive courses, from try SCUBA and Open Water, to SSI dive Professional certifications.


Gear rentals and gear servicing for SCUBA and snorkelling, tank fills and more.

Ocean Minded

Making our 'Impact' as Ocean ambassadors taking care of our Oceans.

The Great African Sea Forest (kelp forest)

Join us on a dive down into this magical and marvellous 3-dimensional ecosystem which harbours an incredible array of life, from the tiny and the intricate to the large playful Cape fur Seals and everything in between.

Dive with Seals

Partridge point which is frequented by anything from 100-200+ Cape Fur seals at any one time, and offers fantastic diving conditions and location for a marine megafauna Interactive dive experience.

Wreck Diving

Artificial reef systems are incredible hotspots of biodiversity for both coastal and pelagic species. Here in Cape Town, we are spoilt for choice with shipwreck dive sites which vary from shallow to deep water, False Bay and Atlantic and partial and complete status.

Reef Diving

Cold water rocky reefs are colourful and exciting dive spots. False Bay has a variety of dive options from huge granite boulder structures towering from the depths in 20+ meters of water to sprawling shallower reefs full of light, fish and invertebrate life.

Snorkelling + Free diving

Join a snorkel experience, fun for all the family without the need for any SCUBA or Snorkel experience. We hand you over to our expert partners Cape RADD, a team of marine biologist investigating the regions marine biodiversity.


Impact Divers offer the full range of SSI training courses from SCUBA experiences to Professional development training courses and internships.


Impact Divers offer servicing and maintenance of regulators and BCD’s to industry standard. They have a registered MARES technician on site, but will gladly facilitate the servicing of any scuba gear. We can also facilitate cylinder testing services such as hydro-static, chemical cleaning, visual inspections, O2 cleaning etc. Drop your cylinder off at the centre and we will take care of it for you.


Impact Divers offer a full range of high-quality dive equipment for your rental use. The equipment is checked daily and serviced regularly to insure you will always have a reliable and comfortable dive. Items can be rented individually or we offer a full gear rental option. We also have accessories for rental such as torches, action cameras and dive computers. So just pop in on your way to your dive site.


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+27 (0)79 734 4884
117 St George's St, Simon's Town,
Cape Town, 7995

SSI Blue Oceans


The emphasis of impact divers is on high quality SCUBA dive training, expert guidance and boat expeditions, creating ocean awareness and promoting a positive ‘impact’ on the marine environment and inspiring our clients to become ocean ambassadors. We